Genius hour 2


So far I found out making brownies like my dads, I am not doing very good mine were all dry and crumbly. I am going to attempt to make them again but I don’t think I will be able to make them like his. I will post on my website almost every week. Making the brownies for me, was like trying to write a paper in language. This Sunday I am going to try to make them and see how they turn out and see if they are good enough to bring to school for class. I will be posting the recipe on my website, and all the other recipes I am going to attempt to make like chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, snicker doodles, banana bread, and cake mix cookies. An obstacle that I finally went around was my dogs in the kitchen. Next weekend I am going to attempt to make cake mix cookies. I hope they turn out like my mom said they would. I am planning on bringing at least 3 things for class if not more. I plan on bringing brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and cake mix cookies. I will need to see which pans work better for each of them. I asked the class about food allergies and their is none that is in my recipes. My dads brownies are really fluffy and good, the recipe was my grandmas. He puts peanut butter chips in the frosting but i’m not putting peanut butter in the frosting. That is what I have to do and have done.


The college I visited was WIT in Sioux City. My favorite part was when we ate lunch, there was so much. They had classes with a small amount of people in them. No because it didn’t seem like they wanted more people there. We saw the college dorms and it had one big room in the middle and 2 separate rooms on each side with a bathroom.

Some classes they offer are automotive, cooking, veterinary, and many more. They have a trail and pond outside in the back of the dorms. Only people who live at the dorms can fish there. The school was big, and had a right amount of people there.

My Genius Hour

My genius hour is baking, I chose baking because I want to learn to bake and learn new recipes. I enjoy helping my parents cook. My family don’t think I can cook so I want to prove to them I can. My goal for this project is to be able to bake cookies, brownies, cake, etc. by the end of the last term.

I will know when I reached my goal by someone telling me I did a good job and when I can get the recipe right. It’s beneficial because it will teach me to bake and prove to my friends and family I can cook. I am planning to cook my grandmas brownies and chocolate chip cookies because I want to try to see if I can cook them like my grandma did and like my dad does. I think it will be a good topic because it will teach me more patience and will tell people I know how to bake. That is my genius hour project.

My Choice

image1 (2)

This is Bo and Papa, Bo is on the left and Papa is on the right. Bo and Papa are from the same litter. They are Lab and American Bulldog mixes they are both males. They will be 2 on May 30. We take them on walks frequently. They love to lay and relax with us. When they think we are going to go somewhere they lay down and pout until we come home. They love when we come home because then they know we won’t leave them.

Bo and Papa get along perfectly, they deserve everything they get. They get along with our other dogs too which is a bonus. They love eating food. Every time my mom or dad make breakfast food after we are all done eating they each get half of a piece. They get eggs, yogurt, dog food, salmon oil for breakfast.

Bo and Papa enjoy when we’re with them, they love when we play ball with them. They love when we are outside playing and watch us. Bo and Papa are protective dogs. We have an elderly couple down our street and Bo and Papa respect them and don’t jump on them or run to them they let the elderly couple to them. When we have our friends over they get excited to see them too because they are over all the time and they want to see them.


Heather and Mike

Heather and Mike

One thing that interests me is animals. I have a lot of favorite animals. The one I’m writing about is bears they are my favorite practically.

JLS Photography - Alaska

JLS Photography – Alaska

There are many types of bears. Facts of bears, Polar Bears are the most dangerous species of bears. Only eight bears are extant appearing in a wide variety of habitats throughout the Northern Hemisphere and partially in the Southern Hemisphere. Bears are found on 4 contents.

Bears can see in color unlike many other mammals. Bears are known to eat anything. About 98% of Grizzly Bear population in the U.S. lives in Alaska. Bears, bears have been hunted since prehistoric times for their meat and fur. North America is home to 3 of the worlds 8 bear species. Bears are born without fur. Only Polar Bears and Giant Pandas are born with thin white fur. Bears have non-retractable claws like dogs, unlike cats. Most bears have 42 teeth 10 more then humans.

The name of a male is referred as a boar and a female is referred as a sow. The average is 1-4 cubs in a litter. The height of bears can reach up to 6.5ft and can weigh up to 600 pounds. They mark their territory by clawing, biting, and rubbing trees. Many species of bear hibernate 3-5 months. Many bear species are endangered because of water pollution, disease, and global warming. A bears habitat includes mountains, forests, and the artic. Bears have a keen sense of smell. The diet may vary according to their habitat, it can consists of meat and plants. A polar bear can swim 100 miles without resting. Bears are descended from small, insect- eating animal called miacids, which lived during the time of dinosaurs. Bears have never lived in Australia or Antarctica. Approximately 21,000 to 28,000 Polar bears live in the Artic. Bears lose most of their heat from their paws.

All the blogs I visited

I visited Abigail’s blog she is 13. Her post was about was about how her life wasn’t an ordinary life.

I visited Shane’s blog he is 12. He wrote about his favorite food that his grandma makes.

I visited  Andrea’s blog she is 12. She wrote about Thanksgiving. She always has a late lunch/ supper.

I visited Griffin’s blog he is 15. He wrote about his family.

I visited Taylor’s blog she is 15. She wrote and posted pictures of her portfolio.

I visited Hunter’s blog she is 13. She wrote about Halloween History and how it became a Holiday

I visited Emily’s blog she is 11. She wrote about popular food in her country.

I visited Bayleigh’s blog she is 11. She wrote about favorite foods

I visited Daja’s blog she is 11. She wrote about her food.

I visited Kaylynn’s blog she is 11. She wrote about pasta.


Cristiano Betta

Cristiano Betta

Sarah R

Sarah R

Everyone is talking about their favorite type of food or Americas type of food. My family don’t really have a favorite type of food. We like anything off the grill, or whatever we cook in the house. My dad makes the best cookies and brownies in my family. My dad makes chocolate chip cookies, I don’t know how he gets them like the way he does but their really good. His brownies are they same way. In the frosting he uses peanut butter and chocolate chips sometimes but other times he uses just chocolate chips. For each of our birthdays he makes his brownies and my mom makes the cake that we want. He makes his cookies whenever he wants to make them or if he has enough time to make them. Sometimes he uses chocolate and peanut butter chips, other times he uses just chocolate chips, or just peanut butter when we just want peanut butter alone.

My mom makes the best cakes any type of cake you want. If you just want regular chocolate cake she can make that for you. Or if you want an ice cream cake as long as you get the ingredients yourself she might make it, but it depends on her mood. My mom made ice cream cake, it was Oreo and vanilla ice cream and my dad made brownies.

My Uncle that passed away.

My uncle was a very important person to me. Even though I didn’t get to see my Uncle very much he enjoyed coming up to see us. My uncle was Richard Welch and was a Veteran of the United States Navy. My uncle was born on July 7,1936 and   died on August 18,2015. He was the father of 7 kids. He was strong in his faith of God, family and also Church. He was married to my Aunt Cynde for 32 years. He also has 17 grand children, 14 great grand children and nieces and nephews.

We called him Uncle Dick. My Aunt says he’s a wonderful husband, brother, and grandpa. My Uncle Dick loved to sing in church choir and was also a really great singer. His favorite hobby was building model airplanes, which could actually fly with a remote control. Every Tuesday morning he went with a church group to help feed the homeless. He felt that was one of his missions in life. Uncle Dick also loved going out to eat with friends and play cards on Friday nights. On the first Saturday of each month he made breakfast for the men at their church and had a bible study for them to. The animals in their neighborhood never went unfed because of my Uncle.

One time me and my sister went to my Aunt Karen that lives in Des Moines. We got to go to the Iowa State Fair. My Aunt Cynde and My Uncle Dick came up from Georgia we had the best time at the State Fair and we got to go on the Sky Rides and I was scared and almost lost my shoe but I didn’t loose my shoe. When we got on the ground and I was so happy we were on the ground. We went to watch the sheep show because their grand-daughter was in it. We went to go get lunch and tried homemade donuts and had corndogs. Then we went to the barn to see all the horses, we also went to this shed that had humongous pigs and I named one pork. My Aunt and Uncle met us at the barn with the horses. When we were done exploring the Fair we went back to my Aunts house and relaxed.

This is for my Uncle. We loved him dearly and I enjoyed having you as an uncle. I wished we were able to see you more and when we saw you and Aunt Cynde we really enjoyed it. don’t forget you are always in our hearts forever. We love you the best. This is all I have for you.

Animal Cruelty

Human Society

Animal Cruelty is deliberately abusing the animal to were it cant do anything or it can be just not taking care of the animal like its suppose to. If the animal is your pet or a farm animal or if its just a wild non-tame animal can suffer bad, they could die they could be hurt and ruined the rest of their life or they can just be afraid of everything the rest of their lives. Deliberate animal abuse can be beating the animal, shooting it, or stabbing the animal, and also setting it on fire. Neglect doesn’t have to be exactly not feeding , watering, shelter, and vet care. Animals who die of neglect might suffer just as much as animals who suffer deliberately get harmed. Many animals who are abused and killed come from fur farms.

Animal Cruelty

There are many animal cruelty cases. Many cases happen on bird farms and sheep farms. Birds aren’t the only one exempt from the slaughter act which dictates animals should be unconscious before a fatal blow. All animals that are killed for Muslim and Jewish religions laws are exempt to.


30% of individuals are arrested for dog fighting and animal abuse, most of them have domestic violence charges on their record. Abusers batter animals because it shows more submission, to demonstrate power over the family and to punish for leaving or showing independence. Children will tell more what happened to their pet rather then the victims.  Children who have been abused are more likely to abuse animals their selves. Animal abuse is more often found with people who had a bad history before they started like gang activity,drug offenses, weapon violations, sexual assault, and domestic violence. They are trying to train district attorneys to be more aggressive to prosecute animal cases. Victims and their children are asked 3 main questions. Do you have any pets? Has the abuser or any else threatened to hurt you animal? Will you need assistance in finding a safe place for the pet if you leave? Often victims of domestic violence often remain in dangerous and dysfunctional to protect their pets.